Regional Health Service 4A provides man power to medical missions

BY Karyl Gatan


Regional Health Service 4A in Camp Vicente Lim, Barangay Mayapa, Calamba City, Laguna provides man power per letter request of the various party for charity work – government, non-government, or private individuals.

As their duty to serve people, they give help in terms of man power and hand held equipment for charity work that are funded by various party.

Like in every institution, the Regional Health Service 4A follows a system when submitting the letter for requests. The letter will be submitted to Dir. Benjamin A. Florentino, Regional Director. After which, it will be assessed and evaluated. After the assessment and evaluation, the Regional Director will give an order that the medical mission has been approved 10-15 days before the conduct.

The letter must contain the place/venue and the expected number of patients for them to know how many men they will put on the site.

The person or party requesting the medical mission will provide the:

  • venue

  • medical supplies like cotton, gloves, water, anesthesia, medicine

  • transportation

  • facilities like chairs and tables

For more information about DILG, PNP, and for the directory of regional camp sites you click on the following:


UPLBCDC’s membership increases

BY Eunese Garcia


The UPLB Credit and Development Cooperative’s membership has increased with an average of 40-50 applicants per month as of January 2014.
According to UPLBCDC Education and Training Assistant Ms. Bettina Mari Dalisay, there are already 14 applicants who have listed their names as of just February 5, 2014.
“And since, malayo pa ang pre-membership seminar natin, there is still a big chance na tumaas pa ang number of applicants who will attend the coming seminar,” she added.
What she is referring to is the Pre-membership Education Seminar (PMES) that will be held in February 21, 2014, 3 to 5 PM at UPLBCDC. “Maraming malalaman ‘yung applicant kapag um-attend siya ng seminar,” she noted.
This seminar will introduce cooperative’s nature and governance and the cooperative values to the members. It will discuss the rights and privileges of a cooperative member as well as the various services offered by the cooperative and the preferable sources of capital for the members.
Being the No. 1 cooperative in Laguna and No. 2 in Region 4-A in terms of assets acquired, the cooperative aims to improve the quality of life for its constituents.
According to UPLBCDC Manager Mr. Nestor Igcasan, it is indeed beneficial to become a member of the cooperative. “Since ang main goal ng UPLBCDC ay magpautang, nakakautang ‘yung mga members sa mababang interest,” he said.
If the profit of the cooperative from the collection is high enough, the members could also get high dividends at the end of the year, he noted.
Aside from that, the members can also avail cooperative education and livelihood seminars. They are also encouraged to buy from the KASAMBILI, a consumer-friendly store that enables the members to avail 2% discount on every product purchased in cash and allows credits to be paid within a month with a 2% interest thereafter.
“’Yun siguro ang pinaka-main reason kung bakit dumadami na ang members natin. It’s because of the benefits that the cooperative offers,” Ms. Dalisay pointed out.

Alaminos Economy Boomed with 100%

By Charlene Ruth O. Espenilla

The Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) of Alaminos increased by 110% due to the flourishing businesses in the town. The Municipal Administrator, Corceni Salcedo stated that in 2008, with a total of 40M of IRA, it now increased to 90M.

Three of the biggest establishments that opened in Alaminos were:

  • Ford Laguna,
  • Toyota San Pablo and;
  • Shell Gasoline Station

There are still three subdivisions that are constructing and will be finished this year in the town. Most of these establishments are located along highways and can be easily noticed by the public.

The Municipal Accountant, Cirilo Mista stated that one of the factors that affect why a lot of investors and businessman engage with Alaminos is that it has a good location, therefore it is:

  • Flood-free
  • Not always been affected by typhoons
  • Near to Manila

The Municipal Administrator, Corceni Salcedo added that Alaminos has all the components that need to be considered when opening a business or investing in a particular place, he said that the town is “kumpleto sa rekado”. He pointed out that the town has:

  • good water and electricity supply,
  • excellent telecommunication lines and;
  • and the most important is the peace and order

Both the Municipal Administrator and Accountant agreed that the Municipal Government had already eliminated the Red Tape for a better connection with the investors and businessmen.

January 2008 when Resolution No. 01 series of 2008, “Investment Incentive Ordinance” was proposed by the former Councilor Hon. Jaime Banzuela. This was a Resolution is the enacting Investment Incentive Ordinance for prospective investors in the Municipality of Alaminos, Laguna. Its main purposes:

  • to encourage more investment for the municipality,
  • to create more employment opportunity and;
  • for the additional sources of revenue of the town

In Article D Section 2 of the Resolution it stated the reduction in payment of business taxes, which really helps to catch the attention of investors. The ordinance facilitates the town’s attractiveness.

As a result, this sustains the economic stability of the town since the IRA enhanced because of the business tax. After several years, Alaminos has finally started last 2013 up to present to boom in the economy.


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ASEAN gears up one year before AEC 2015, Philippines still in a lagging point

By John Miko Ofalsa

The College of Economics and Management in cooperation with the UP Agricultural Economics Circle conducted the seminar titled “Asian Economic Community 2015: Implications in the Philippines and in the World” was conducted last January 20, 2014 at the CEM Function Hall

The seminar featured speakers namely Dr.ErlindaMedalla and Dr.Adoracion Navarro from the Philippine Institute for Development Studies or PIDS and Ms. Gina Aljecera, on behalf of Dr.MerceditaSombilla from the National Economic and Development Authority or NEDA tackled points of improvement for our country especially in preparation for the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015.

Dr.Medalla tackled the requirement of skilled workers especially engineers in our country that are competitive and at par with regional and global standards. Dr. Navarro highlighted the degrading sector of logistics and transportation in the country and how it can be amped to serve international transactions and market activities. Lastly, Ms.Aljecera discussed how the agriculture sector can be improved amidst the destruction suffered from the past calamities in the country and be once again competitive compared to regional competitors.

Read more about the Philippines` preparation for the AEC 2015.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN is in the preps for the upcoming integration of member nation markets into one unified economy known as the ASEAN Economic Community of 2015. This integration, which was originally targeted to be achieved in the year 2020, aims a single base of production and marketing in the ASEAN region to increase the competitiveness of member nation`s market to satisfy inter-member and global demands. This scheme also promotes inclusive growth among nation members amidst the greater integration to the global market.


“TRACKING” ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. The transportation sector is a field that needs to be improved by the Philippine government to cope up by the demand brought about by the AEC 2015. Seen here is the nearly abandoned PNR railway and station in Mayondon. Inset are two chickens being caged near the tracks by citizens whom established residences near the old track. (Photo of JMOfalsa)

Read more about the ASEAN Economic Community from their site.

Philippine protest for Cambodian workers

By Ma. Alyssa Bianca A. Caugma 


Local Filipino labor organizations held an international solidarity protest action on January 10 at the Cambodian Embassy in support to the Global Week of Action against Government Crackdown on Cambodian Protesters.

The global week of action against the crackdown was organized by labor organizations worldwide to call for the protection of rights and welfare of the garments production workers in Cambodia.

Theworkers who went on strike were fighting for a salary increase to $160 and for better working conditions. The military has open-fired to the workers and Aljazeera reported that at least four were killed and dozens were injured.

The protest action held at the Cambodian Embassy in Makati gathered local organizations and unions which included Kadamay- Southern Tagalog, Leader Inc., Organized Labor Associations and Line Industries in Agriculture (OLALIA- Southern Tagalog), and PagkakaisangmgaManggagawasaTimogKatagalugan- Kilusang Mayo

Uno (PAMANTIK-KMU). Secretary General WennieUrgel of PAMANTIK-KMU, Region IV-A’s central labor union, said the protest was peaceful and the embassy received their petition letter.

Meanwhile, Urgel expressed his worries on the potential wipeout of the garments industry in the country by 2020 which can increase the number of unemployed Filipinos.

According to Alessandra Mezzadri, a lecturer in Development Studies at the University of London, companies have transferred garment production to developing countries because of cheaper labor.

Urgel added that cheaper labor coupled with fewer benefits and lower cost of living has made other developing countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka more preferred for garment manufacturing than the Philippines.

Movements condemning the Cambodian government’s response were also held

in London, Malaysia, and South Korea.




by Zarrel Gel Noza

Two students from Liliw Central Elementary School (LCES) ranked 6th during the Division Finals of the 2014 Metrobank-DepEd-MTAP Math Challenge held on January 30, Thursday, at Paete Elementary School, Laguna.

Aaron Jeriel Albano and Jonah Mae Esmero were among the twelve students of LCES who topped the district eliminations for the said competition held on January 16, Thursday, at Liliw Central Elementary School, Laguna.

Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge is an annual competition executed by the Metrobank Foundation, Inc., in partnership with the Mathematics Teachers’ Association of the Philippines (MTAP) and the Department of Education (DepEd). As stated in the Department of Education Memorandum No. 205, series of 2013, the competition aims to:

  • stimulate  the students’ greater interest in Mathematics;
  • encourage them to strive for excellence in the said subject;
  •  promote basic mathematical skills;
  • discover hidden mathematical talents hidden within the;
  •  enhance their leadership and cooperative skills, as well as their values of teamwork, hard work, sportsmanship, and honesty.

It covers the current DepEd Education Curriculum in Mathematics.

During the district eliminations, participants took specific exams, prepared by MTAP, according to their grade level. They were given time limits for taking the examination. Their scores were tabulated. Only the two highest scores for each school in each grade level were averaged to determine their rankings.


MOMENT OF TRUTH. Students from the district of Liliw during the orientation of the participants.

Although the participants were ranked in the district level, the rankings were sent to DepEd-Division of Laguna. Again, their scores were ranked and those who qualified for the top 20 competed for the division finals. Among the 20 qualifiers, Albano and Esmero both ranked 11.5.

noza 2

FOCUSED. Math Challenge District Eliminations participants while answering their written examination.

According to Carolyn Ajunan, Liliw District Mathematics Teacher-Coordinator and coach of the grade division qualifiers form LCES, the students spent six months in preparing for the competition. They were chosen from the participants of the six sessions of the MTAP Saturday Classes. Those who excelled were qualified. They prepared by answering old MTAP examinations provided by their coaches. At first, they answered the exams by themselves to develop their own techniques in solving. Later, their coaches focused on them and reviewed them orally. Moreover, as Ajunan mentioned, the questions are pretty difficult and require lots of analysis. It was the reason why the representatives of the school were trained vigorously in answering such mathematical problems. They were also trained to answer the reviewers under time pressure so that they will be used to answer the questions fast.

However, according to Aaron Jeriel Albano, one of the students who qualified for the division level, all the efforts were paid off since the competition was able to enhance their mathematical skills and knowledge. Moreover, Ajunan stated that competitions like this widen the skills of the students. It also helps them discover their own strategies in solving different mathematical problems.

Nevertheless, the students did not for the regional finals since only the top three groups will be representing the province in the said competition.

Limians take their passion for journalism to the national level

By Judyann Sonido


After more than 16 years of competing in the schools press conference, Limians finally got a spot to compete in the 2014 National Schools Press Conference to be held at Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Free Port Zone, on April 7- 20, with the theme, “Campus Journalism & Transformational Leadership”.

Christian Jarce, 4th year student from Camp Vicente Lim National High School will be representing not only the school, but the whole Division of Calamba City in the 2014 NSPC.  He won 2nd place in the Editorial Cartooning, Filipino category in the 2013 Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC),  and will be competing along with two other delegates from other division in Region IV- A, CALABARZON.

The school also had five other delegates who competed in the different categories: Desktop Collaboration, Editorial Cartooning, Science and Health Writing, Editorial Writing, and Copy reading and Headline Writing, English and Filipino in the regional level. Nicole Angela Mallari, the Editor- in- chief of “The Leader” ranked 4th in the schools press conference, Desktop Collaboration, Editorial category. However, only the top three winners will advance to the national level to represent the region.

These students were chosen by their school paper advisers, Josefina de Grano, Lorna Parala, Virginia Papas, Arlene Aring, and Rodrigo Badillo, and undergone seminars and trainings  before they were able to compete. Before the regional level was the Division Schools Press Conference held at Jose Rizal Memorial School on Oct. 17, 18, and 22, 2013. Winners advanced to the regional level which was at Dasmariñas City, Cavite on Jan. 27- 31.

Series of trainings and seminars conducted were from July to September, during Saturdays . Resource speakers and trainors were invited to share their knowledge among the student journalists. Also, cliniquing sessions in the division level were conducted to make sure that all participants are ready for the competition. [See also: Cliniquing sessions ]

“The Leader” and “Ang Lider”, the school’s official gazette, publishing issues once an academic year were also official entries of Calamba City division in the regional schools press conference. The Leader won second place for the best school paper in the division level, garnering the following awards: Best Editorial, Feature, Layout and Design, Sports, Science and Health, and News page. [See: Criteria for group category ] Moreover, the Division of Calamba City ranked overall fourth in the Region IV-A, CALABARZON and garnered the total score of 4, 676.18 (2, 199.68 for the Elementary and 2, 476.50 for the Secondary level).

These awards motivated the student journalists to continue serving as the voice of the voiceless, and to show their passion for journalism. With the increasing pressure and demands of the modern day, the school’s journalism body are working hand in hand to bring back the spirit of journalism in the heart of the Limians.

“Exploration and motivation”,  these were the key words cited by Mrs. Josefina de Grano, “The Leader” adviser, when asked about their strategy in meeting the modern demands of campus journalism in Camp Vicente Lim National High School. For more than 16 years of joining  in the annual schools press conference, there are inevitable conflicts and struggles faced by the campus journalism body. “Tamad silang magbasa. Wala silang pakialam”, referring to the high school students. She enumerated the following problems in campus  journalism: audience attention, technology, and lack of focus and motivation. The school’s journalism body are finding ways to cope up with the modern generation. The conflict they say, arises from satisfying the interest of the high school students and meeting the expectations of the judges. However, with joint force and willingness shown by the student journalists, the school news paper continues its circulation.

An entry to the national schools press conference gave hope to the Limians as they continue showing their craft and passion for journalism. Through this, they are hoping that the eager for journalism will also reach the students of all level.


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A self- drawn image of Chritian Jarce, Calamba City delegate in the 2014 National Schools Press Conference, Editorial Cartooning, Filipino category.

Photo by: Christian Jarce